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1) Take a bubbly bath with scented candles.
2) Read your favourite book.
3) Do things that you love.
4) Remind yourself that after every storm there is a rainbow.
5) Go for a long peaceful walk.
6) Bake yourself a cake.
7) Go to the beach.
8) Take a trip into town with friends.
9) Talk to the person you trust the most.
10) Pamper yourself.
11) Treat yourself to something you’ve wanted for ages.
12) Watch your favourite film.
13) Pet an animal.
14) Do something creative.
15) Go to the movies.
16) See a child laugh.
17) Travel to somewhere you’ve never been before.
18) Listen to fast beat songs.
19) Remember there is always chocolate.
20) Build a fort.
21) Have a nap.
22) Drink tea.
23) Spend time with your best friend.
24) Make a bucket-list.
25) Have a picnic.
26) Dress yourself up even if you’re not going anywhere.
27) Get off social network sites and go outside.
28) Smile.
29) Have a sleepover at yours.
30) Remind yourself that it is okay to be sad.

Behooold, my viking bling!  The large and incredibly epic bronze necklace is the newest addition to my shiny, wearable treasures! Taken with (Instagram) Feel free to follow me here as well!I post personal pictures of yours truly, my art, daily life and my ever so epic adventures :)  My username: Tathariel 

This is the coolest tattoo I’ve seen in some time! <3 I hadn’t considered getting an adventure time tattoo until I saw this!

Inspiration- @doedeere face! 💖 #doedeere #kukulalike

There’s my new phrase!
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